V2 Full Colour P10 Mobile LED Signs

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Voxson Sales Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest manufacturer of mobile Full Colour LED Signs. Based in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, Voxson designs and manufactures its mobile LED Signs based on the best available quality components yet keeping the product affordable. Voxson has designed its mobile LED Signs in Australia for the rental industry in mind, that require both reliable and robust equipment. The Trailer is built from heavy duty Australian aluminium to avoid rusting and designed to last for many years. The V2 LED cabinet is also built from aluminium to avoid rusting.

Voxson’s V2 Full Colour mobile LED Sign uses the latest LED DIP Technology which is a robust Technology when used outdoor in harsh conditions.

(If your requirements differ from the product specifications please call us on 07 3268 0700 as we are able to customize a product to suit your needs.)

There are 150 x 160mm x 160mm individual modules that make up the complete LED panel which has a total LED coverage of 2400mm wide x 1600mm high. It also has an aluminium border which protects the LED’s from being damaged. If in the case a module is damaged, this individual module can be replaced.

The Voxson V2 Full Colour mobile LED Sign can upload advertising content remotely from your home or Office as it has on board 3G and Wi Fi connectivity.

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  • Full colour high resolution digital advertising
  • Onboard Industrial PC
  • Remotely programmable via internet
  • Powered by mains
  • Optional on board generator
  • Electric powered hydraulic mast
  • Onboard GPS tracking

Full Colour Mobile LED Sign

Travelling Position

Rear Access Panels


Retractable Towbar

Foldable Draw Bar

Foldable Drawbar


Easy To Fold Towbar


Forklift Pockets

Key Features

  • Full colour LED video display
  • Resolution 240 X 160 10mm pitch
  • Water proof LED’s
  • Refresh rate of 1200-1500hz
  • 3G modem for remote programming
  • Automatic brightness control
  • High Brightness >7500 nits (cd/sq.m)
  • Wheel chains / security locks
  • Optional on board generator
  • 3 Point Hydraulic Safety System
  • Automatic self locking mast
  • Rear access servicing
  • Forklift Pockets
  • 14” Alloy Mag Wheels
  • Hammer Tone Paint



  • Viewing angle 110º horizontal 60º vertical
  • Viewing distance 5M ~ 100M
  • Hydraulic mast height adjustment
  • Average power consumption 700W
  • Maximum power consumption 2200W
  • Powered by mains 240V 10amp
  • Onboard Industrial PC
  • Display Size (2400mm X 1600MM)
  • Trailer Size (L X W X H)
    • Stowed 2950mm 1970mm 2650mm
    • Extended 3670mm X 1970mm X 3900mm


Software Features

  • Web based content management
  • Wide range of support file types
  • Video (AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4)
  • Image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • Program Scheduling
  • Video, test and images can be displayed at the same time

Optional Extras

  • Optional Video Processor


Voxson Digital Signage Player

Deliver high quality content playback

  • Voxson Full Colour Mobile LED Signs have an advanced video engine with superior scaling technology that delivers pristine HD video playback up to Blu-ray specification quality. With full control of speed, transparency and direction scrolling is rendered with professional broadcast quality.


Make local & remote content updates

  • Local novice or occasional users can make instant announcements, play content on demand, update menu boards or room booking schedules, add new content and more, within safe boundaries using simplified Ad hoc portals set up by the content administrator.


Reliable trouble free operation

With proven reliability for 24/7/365 applications and requiring minimal IT maintenance there are also no recurring fees for Voxson LED subscriber players. Software maintenance and upgrades are free of charge making the subscriber player a One off Cost.