V5 Full Colour Mobile LED Sign

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Voxson’s new range of V5 Full Colour mobile LED Sign includes all use the latest LED SMD Technology which is a robust Technology when used outdoor, in harsh conditions.

(If your requirements differ from the product specifications below please call us on 07 3268 0700 as we are able to customize a product to suit your needs.)

The new range of Full colour mobile LED sign has the following screen sizes:

  • V5 includes a 4880mm x 2880mm P10 and/or P6.67 screen with duel axle trailer
  • Custom sizes are available with additional models coming soon.


All trailer’s includes an aluminium border which protects the LED’s from being damaged. If in the case a module is damaged, this individual module can be replaced.

The Voxson range of Full Colour mobile LED Sign can upload advertising content remotely from your home or Office as it has on board 3G and Wi Fi connectivity and can be optionally fitted with sound equipment (as pictured) the V5  Full Colour mobile LED Sign is available as a twin axle or single axle (compact trailer) design.

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  • Full colour high resolution digital advertising
  • Very large screen size (4880mm x 2880mm)
  • Onboard Industrial PC
  • Remotely programmable via internet
  • Powered by mains
  • Optional on board quiet running generator with security cage
  • Electric powered hydraulic mast
  • Optional stage

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