Voxson LED Sign Rental

Voxson supplies a range of LED Screens including mobile LED Video boards ranging from 4 square metres to 12 square metres, indoor and outdoor LED screens which can be used for a number of applications including events and concerts. Voxson will supply, deliver and install the screen for your event.

Outdoor digital advertising has become a very effective and high-impact advertising medium.

If you have a business on a busy road or highway and you want your business to stand out from every other business, you should seriously consider hiring a mobile LED Screen from Voxson. Our Full Colour Mobile LED Signs are not expensive to hire, and will most definitely attract potential customers to your business.

Call Voxson on 07 3268 0700 for a chat and see just how affordable Voxson LED signs are to hire or fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you shortly.