Radar LED Signs

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The Radar Speed sign has the proven ability to influence driver behaviour, reduce speeding and draw attention to local limits. The Voxson Radar LED Speed Sign range includes models offering standard speed indication devices to the more sophisticated data collection systems and dual display models. When operated by operators with technical knowledge the Voxson traffic counter can also provide valuable flexible data collection for traffic management applications. This is an industrial grade product manufactured to last for many years.

The Voxson Radar LED Signs have been specifically designed to offer a range of radar speed indication and road traffic monitoring devices which can be used by the police, local councils and private companies. 

(If your requirements differ from the product specifications below please call us on 07 3268 0700 as we are able to customize a product to suit your needs.)


  • Highly visible LED display
  • Dimensions 480mm x 480mm speed sign
  • Display warns you when over speed
  • 2-line text/graphic display
  • Display different messages for speed areas (e.g. SLOW DOWN)
  • Display simple graphics (e.g. check mark or smiling face)
  • Internal memory for storing measured data
  • Use saved data for statistics (e.g. minimum, maximum, average speed and vehicle count)
  • Automatic setting for daylight saving time
  • Kmh or mph version
  • Radar unit Australian made
  • Drive safely with yellow 600mm x 800mm outer cover
  • Solar panel to charge internal batteries 
  • On board charger 
  • On board batteries x 2  
  • Installation and pole are not included


The Voxson LED Radar Signs are available from $7700 upwards. Mobile option also available.


Voxson’s Radar LED Speed Sign is the ideal solution to making the roads a safer place. On top of reducing traffic speeds on the road the radar speed sign also gives you the opportunity to collect valuable speed and traffic density data which can help improve the safety of the road in future.

Voxson’s Radar LED Speed Sign is used to alert the driver when they are over the speed limit and to acquire traffic density and traffic statistics. It is a perfect solution for:

  • Schools, kindergartens and child care centers
  • City centers
  • Rural speed zones and town areas
  • Dangerous road sections

VOXSON’s Radar LED Speed Sign is an ideal solution for:

  • Reducing driver’s speeds and accidents on busy roads
  • Provide statistics on vehicle counts and speed information