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Smile for Sam Signs

100% Australian compliant Smile for Sam Signs from Voxson, prominent supplier of traffic speed signs to Mining companies, Councils, Defence Force and government organisations. Made in Australia. End-to-end solution.
  • Make roads safer
  • Reduce drivers’ speed
  • Prevent accidents
  • Manage traffic efficiently
  • Collect statistical traffic data
  • Influence driver behaviour 

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Smile for Sam Signs

Voxson offers all types of Smile for Sam Signs including Vehicle Activated, Mobile/Portable & Solar Powered with Speed Indication, Smiley Face and Variable Speed Settings.

Modern Smile for Sam Signs are an amazingly versatile and effective tool in making roads safer, reducing drivers’ speed and preventing accidents. Radar Activated Smile for Sam Speed Signs can display speed readout and also collect statistical data on the number of vehicles and speed for further analysis and improving safety on the roads in the future. 

Voxson offers a wide range of Australian Compliant Smile for Sam Signs including Pole and Portable Mobile Trailer Mounted, Solar and 240 volt powered Radar Activated Smile for Sam Speed Signs with speed readout, smiley face and lots of other programmable features. Widely used for managing traffic, Smile for Sam Speed Signs are a perfect solution for mining sites, city/town centres, car parks, child care centres, school zones, defence sites, road projects & any locations where speed control is required.

The latest options now latest include APNR numberplate recognition camera with email alerts and photo displaying the Time Speed And Date as well as School and koala zone equipment.

What types of Smile for Smile Signs exist?

Pole Mounted Smile for Sam Signs
Portable/Mobile Solar Trailer Smile for Sam Signs
Variable Smile for Sam Signs
Variable Message Signs & Mobile LED Smile for Sam Signs

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Voxson is a prominent supplier of digital Speed advisory signs, and LED traffic solutions to the Australian industry, including Civil groups and Mining customers such as Lend Lease, WBHO and Arconia, Rio-Tinto, BHP and Glencore. Voxson also supplies many Councils, Defence departments and airports such as Mascot, Sydney airports, Karratha and Port Hedland.

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Smile for Sam Signs have the proven ability to influence driver behaviour, reduce speeding and draw attention to local limits.

Voxson’s range of Smile for Sam Signs include models offering standard speed indication devices, as well as models offering the more sophisticated data collection systems and dual display options. 
Voxson traffic counter can also provide valuable, flexible data collection for traffic management applications. This is an industrial-grade product manufactured to last for many years.
Voxson’s Smile for Sam Signs have been specifically designed to offer a range of radar speed indication and road traffic monitoring features, which can be used by the police, local councils and private companies.
Voxson is a prominent Australian Supplier of Smile for Sam Speed Signs to mining companies, councils, Australian Defence Force and Government organisations in Australia and abroad.

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Smile for Sam Speed Signs help to:

Make Roads Safer
Reduce Drivers Speed
Prevent Accidents
Manage Traffic Efficiently
Collect Statistical Traffic Data
Influence Driver Behaviour

Where Smile for Sam Signs are primarily used?

Smile for Sam Signs mining sites
Smile for Sam Signs – Mining Sites
Smile for Sam Signs city/town centres
Smile for Sam Signs – City/Town Centres
Smile for Sam Signs childcare centres
Smile for Sam Signs – Child care/Schools
Smile for Sam Signs – Road/Water Projects
Smile for Sam Signs car parks
Smile for Sam Signs – Car Parks
Smile for Sam Signs defence sites
Smile for Sam Signs – Defence Sites

Why Smile for Sam Signs from Voxson?

Australian Owned & Operated
50+ Years Company History
Designed & Manufactured in Australia*
End-to-End Solution Full Cycle
Highest Quality Components
Best Products with Best Prices

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*Voxson designs and manufactures all its signs and Pylon structures and mobile devices in Australia using some imported electronic components.