About Voxson

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Voxson is a 100% Australian owned and operated LED signage designer and manufacturer that has been established in Australia for over 45 years. The company has a dynamic and experienced team of IT and engineering personnel working together with a hands-on management team that will deliver your signage needs with a positive attitude.

Voxson has years of experience to supply you with the very best technology either to buy or to rent. Voxson can deliver you an LED solution using high quality LED technology at a price that fits your budget. Voxson has the largest mobile Full Colour Sign fleet in Australia, designed and built in Brisbane. Voxson are leaders in the design and manufacture of LED Signs.

Voxson can also offer you mobile LED screens on compact trailers to rent (which are ideal for staging), or Voxson can supply and install a permanent LED Screen from a small LED screen to a large format outdoor LED advertising billboard. Voxson offers an “end to end” solution which includes obtaining of council permits all the way through to the design/construction of your sign, management of your advertising content and on-going service and maintenance.




Permanent LED Screens

Voxson is a prominent Australian designer and manufacturer of LED signs and screens and has been installing both small and large format outdoor LED screens in Australia and to overseas markets. Voxson is committed to delivering reliable and affordable technology to its customers.


LED Signs For Hire And Rental

Voxson has a large range of indoor and outdoor LED screens suitable for any application. We have Australia’s largest fleet of mobile Full Colour LED screens on trailers that can be hired out for a day or on an ongoing basis. We can supply you with an indoor LED screen for an event or an outdoor screen installed on a truss system for a concert or racing carnival.


Mobile LED Signs and Screens

Voxson’s mobile Full Colour LED signs and screens have been fully designed in Australia by Voxson’s engineers and are manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. The trailer is built from highest-grade Australian aluminium to prevent rusting in our salty, humid and corrosive environment, and both the retractable and foldable draw bar and the hydraulic mast – which raises and lowers the screen – are built from Australian steel and are hot-dip galvanised to last a lifetime.


Digital Scoreboards

Voxson can build your LED scoreboard with the latest sports software including Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Handball, Baseball/Softball, Futsal, Cricket, Rugby Football, American Football, Aussie-Rules Football, Field Hockey, Netball, Lawn Bowls, Boxing, Wrestling, Wushu, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Field, Track, Marathon, Gymnastics, Health Fitness, Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, Ice Hockey, Bandy, Ice Speed Skating, Figure-Skating, Curling, Skiing,  Equestrian, Horse Racing, Cycling, Rowing, Skating, Karting, Billiard, Weightlifting and Archery.

Voxson can build a small or large scoreboard for your large sporting stadium or for your school or sports club. We can also supply you with a small or larger format mobile LED screen that can be used as a scoreboard. The scoreboard can also double up as an advertising device when its not being used on the sports ground.  


4880m Wide x 2880m High Mobile LED Sign