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Outdoor LED Signs

Voxson Outdoor LED Sign installed at Farne Square

Outdoor LED Signs

Bright, clear and visually appealing Voxson Outdoor LED Signs are a proven way to increase street visibility, and attract immediate attention, and deliver critical information instantly.

LED Signs that are around 25 times brighter than TVs or fluorescent light box signs. Voxson Outdoor LED Signs and Screens are visible from long distances, while user-friendly software enables unlimited flexibility to maintain content for one or many of these Signs in different locations across Australia or overseas. Establish your own media company with a Voxson Third party Advertising sign.

When it comes to Billboard advertising Voxson will design and build you a large Outdoor LED signs that can enable you to earn significant amounts of income buy allowing you to start your own advertising business and promoting other brands on your own Voxson Outdoor LED Billboard.

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Mobile LED Signs

Voxson Mobile LED Sign

Mobile LED Signs

Outdoor Full Colour Mobile LED Signs are an effective way to promote your business, advertise special promotions, sales and product launches to thousands of potential customers.

Produced by Voxson here in Australia Voxson Full Colour LED Signs feature the latest LED robust technology which allows Mobile LED Signs to be used in harsh outdoor conditions. Choose from a wide range of LED Sign models, all of which support 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to upload advertising content to LED Signs remotely from your home or office.

Purchase or rent one of the latest Voxson Outdoor Mobile LED Signs:

V2 Plus P10 High Resolution Mobile LED Trailer Sign (2.56×1.6m)
V3 P6.67 Hi Resolution Mobile LED Trailer Sign (2.88×1.6m)
V4 Solar Mobile LED Trailer Sign (2.24×1.28m)
V1 VMS Message Sign (Solar powered)

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