Outdoor LED Signs


Outdoor LED Signs



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Outdoor LED Signs

Voxson Outdoor LED Sign installed at Farne Square

Voxson Outdoor Billboard LED Screens and Signs

Bright, clear and visually appealing Voxson Outdoor LED Signs are a proven way to increase street visibility, and attract immediate attention, and deliver critical information instantly.

LED Signs that are around 25 times brighter than TVs or fluorescent light box signs. Voxson Outdoor LED Signs and Screens are visible from long distances, while user-friendly software enables unlimited flexibility to maintain content for one or many of these Signs in different locations across Australia or overseas. Establish your own media company with a Voxson Third party Advertising sign.

When it comes to Billboard advertising Voxson will design and build you a large Outdoor LED signs that can enable you to earn significant amounts of income buy allowing you to start your own advertising business and promoting other brands on your own Voxson Outdoor LED Billboard.

Voxson Outdoor LED Signs & LED Screens Gallery

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Why Buy Outdoor/Billboard LED Signs from Voxson

Outdoor LED Screens – Specifications

Innovative Lighter, Thinner, More Secure Outdoor LED Screens

Aluminum Material Ensures Smooth Operation and Maintenance of Outdoor LED Screens.

XD6 weighs only 34 kg/m2 and has a thickness of 106 mm. This means that less material required, less maintenance space needed and Oudoor LED Screen is significantly less expensive in installation.

Outdoor LED Signs

Only 34 kg/m2. 106 mm thick.

Outdoor LED Signs with Longer Shader

In full sunlight, with longer shader design, there is less reflected light from the LED. This provide significantly higher contrast.

To be viewable in full sunlight, an Outdoor LED display needs to achieve an optimal brightness of 5,500 nits. This is not a problem with Voxson’s automatic or manual brightness control, the long shader mask design provides much greater contrast and brightness levels.

Long shader will affect the vertical viewing angle.

Outdoor LED Signs
Ordinary Shader - Outdoor Led Signs Screens

Ordinary shader mask: 1.6mm.

Long Shader Outdoor Led Signs Screens

Long shader mask: 3.6mm

Contrast Outdoor Led Signs Screens

The pictures shows contrast. The left one shows the longer shader mask of the LED display.

Outdoor LED Signs: Different Size – Same Platform

  • Two different sizes of cabinet allow for greater flexibility on overall display sizes.
  •  One platform for all advertising, branding, sports and spectacular applications allows cost savings on product, accessories and training.




Outdoor LED Signs

Size 1: 640mm*960mm(XD4, XD6, XDlO)

Guide on Type & Pitch of LED Panel and Minimum viewing distance

P10 SMD 12-120 metres
P6.67 SMD 6-120 metres
P4 SMD 4-120 metres
(pending the size of the screen)

Module Front and Rear Maintenance of Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Module Front Maintenance: Using a hexagon wrench, remove the fixed screws, then pull out the module.

Front Module Maintenance - Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Insert hexagon wrench into the hole.

Loosen the screws.

Front Module Maintenance - Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Disassemble the module.

Rear Maintenance: Remove screws, push the module out, holding the handle and rotate it to take out the module in diagonal line.

Rear Module Maintenance - Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Loosen screws.

Rear Module Maintenance - Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Push the module.

Rear Module Maintenance - Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Disassemble the module.

Voxson Fan & Rust Free Fully Sealed LED Panels

Voxson offers these in fully sealed panels that do not rust so they are ideal for seaside locations and various holiday resorts. These are LED signs with different pitch variations but the most popular for roadside applications are P10 SMD and P6.67, the latest type is approximately 30% more expensive.

Be careful about older technology offered by some other suppliers these days, those modules require fans to cool them down and rust pretty quickly. Our latest LED signs in Australia use modern fully sealed fan free LED panels which ensure carefree long-term operation..

Outdoor LED Signs - Old Open Style Module

OLD – Old Open Style Module

Outdoor LED Signs - Waterprrof Fanless Module

NEW – Waterprrof Fanless Module

Outdoor LED Signs - Old Open Style Module P10 DIP

OLD – Old Open Style Module P10 DIP

Outdoor LED Signs - Waterprrof Fanless Module P6.67 SMD 320mm x 320mm

NEW – Waterproof Fanless Module P6.67 SMD 320mm x 320mm.

Advanced Technology-Smart Monitoring of Outdoor LED Screens & Signs

Wireless and real time monitoring: without traditional monitoring cards; there is no cables between modules and HUB board. Monitoring for panel temperature, module temperature, voltage, working time , ID and etc.

Monitoring1 Outdoor Led Signs Screens

Monitoring via multiple smart devices.

Monitored Parameters:

  • Sending card status
  • Receiving card status
  • Temperature
  • Working time
  • Module voltage
  • Cables loosen
Monitoring Outdoor LED Signs & Screens

Each module of VXD6/VXD10 has its own ID number, order number, production date, working time, module current, color
coordinates, module voltage and module temperature, which can be all accessed via the smart monitoring software.

  • Module ID

  • Order Info

  • Production Date

  • Working Time

  • Module Current

  • Colour Coordinates

  • Module Voltage

  • Module Temperature

Smart Module Outdoor LED Signs & Screens

User-Friendly Software

  • Programmable via our easy-to-use web-based software
  • Various character heights
    Simple graphics (JPEG or BMP)
  • Real-time display
    Automatic brightness control
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Messages can be changed instantly from a remote location via wireless technology.

Installation of large LED Billboards

Want to find out how we install our large Outdoor LED Billboards? Click Here

Outdoor LED Signs – 360′ Degree Tours & Videos

Outdoor LED Signs - Farne Square - 360 Tour

Voxson Outdoor LED signs provide amazing opportunities for outdoor advertising. Check out this 360 Tour of the Farne Square Double Sided P6.67 Outdoor LED Sign installed on Farne Street, Sunnybank Hills, QLD, one of many outdoor LED signs produced & installed by Voxson in Australia.

Watch Voxson Double sided P6.67 Outdoor LED Billboard in action. Sign is strategically positioned to be seen by both car traffic and pedestrians. Watch on YouTube.

Outdoor LED Signs - 409 Mains Rd Sunnybank - 360 Tour

Check out this 360 Tour of the Double Sided P10 Outdoor LED Sign installed on 409 Mains Road, Sunnybank Hills, QLD, one of many outdoor LED signs produced & installed by Voxson in Australia.

Voxson Double sided P10 Outdoor LED Billboard. Watch on YouTube.

Purchase Voxson Outdoor Billboard LED Screens & Signs

LED Trailer signs and Mobile LED Billboards are the most cost-effective form of advertising available.
When you compare with, radio, television or newspaper, the spend will be far lower *.

Stand out in the crowd and drive customers to your business with a cost-effective Voxson LED Sign designed and built in Australia by Voxson.

Advertising opportunities will never be the same, you can display full colour images, videos and change design quickly and easily with remote on board content management.

Buy or rent an LED Sign from Voxson, protect Australian industry and receive the most modern state-of-the-art equipment available. Voxson’s Full colour High Resolution Electric LED Signs
or Solar powered LED Signs provide best eye-catching advertising opportunities during the day and night.

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