Indoor LED Signage

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Voxson’s indoor LED signage and advertising displays are a low cost and high impact way to market your product and your business. Voxsons offering is wide and we offer a full line of LED signs and LED displays from indoor showrooms to in-window as well as outdoor clip together cast aluminium cabinet LED signs in a range of pixel density from P2 to P10.

(If your requirements differ from the product specifications below please call us on 07 3268 0700 as we are able to customize a product to suit your needs.)

Indoor LED

Give your showroom the WOW factor and draw customers to your window and into your showroom. Voxson’s digital signage and advertising displays will allow the ultimate hi impact advertising and Viewing experience that will Run Video, Graphic or text or scrolling text all at the same time. Ideal for:

  • Corporate offices with prominent window frontage
  • Car dealerships, trade shows and outlet centers
  • Retail stores, supermarkets and shopping centers
  • Stadiums, music festivals and large undercover events

The benefits of digital signage for advertising are clear, and updating your advertising signage to digital is easier and more affordable than you may think. Create and improve the quality of your showroom window and your showroom with a high brightness LED display. Voxson offer two types of LED displays, hi brightness in-window signs and indoor signs with a range of pixel density, P2 being the smallest and to P10 the largest call us to discuss the product that would best fit your needs.

The Voxson display can be controlled by either a direct connection to your PC or our user friendly software that can be controlled over the internet

Modify and change your advertising as simple as drag and drop, broadcast urgent news flashes in minutes, display changing weather conditions or at the simple touch of a button you can display dynamic advertising or information in any form: from still photos and text messages to full motion video.


Available Colour/Pitch Options

  • 2.0mm Full Colour LED pitch suitable viewing distance from 2 – 3 meters
  • 3.1mm Full Colour LED pitch suitable viewing distance from 3 – 4 meters
  • 3.9mm Full Colour LED pitch suitable viewing distance from 4 meters
  • 4.8mm Full Colour LED pitch suitable viewing distance from 5 meters
  • 6.2mm Full Colour LED pitch suitable viewing distance from 7 meters


  • High Quality High Brightness LED’s for in –window 4500nits brightnes to enable quality viewing in sunlight
  • High Quality High Brightness LED’s for showrooms 1,500nits brightnes
  • Quality enclosure
  • Easy Snap together installation
  • Stand alone Truss system Voxson will arrange the right unit for the LED sign
  • Hanging bar that will mount to the ceiling

User-Friendly Software

  • Programmable via web based software
  • Built in scheduling
  • Various character heights
  • Full colour graphics (jpeg or bmp)
  • Real time display



  • Messages can be changed instantly from any PC via easy to use web based software.



  • Quality enclosure various sizes are available
  • Modular design

Come into the 21st Century with LED billboard and LED electronic advertising. Voxson LED displays have become the medium of choice at many high-impact locations. With Voxson’s LED signage, you are guaranteed a reliable display which delivers the highest-quality images and information.