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Variable Message Signs (VMS) are rapidly becoming obsolete due to their limitations in terms of colours rendered and type of content that can be displayed on the screen. VMS Signs are being widely replaced with Full Colour Mobile LED Signs able to display virtually any type of content on a higher resolution full colour screen, which basically means these signs can be used in all situations – from displaying a simple traffic message or vehicle speed to showing full colour advertising banners or videos.

Feature Variable Message Signs (VMS) Full Colour Mobile LED Signs
Colours 5 Only 281 Trillion
Type of supported content Matrix Text Only Text, Graphics or Video
Pitch  20/40 mm 6-10 mm
Resolution Low High
Price Average From $100+GST/week (finance option)

Full Colour Solar Mobile Trailer LED signs (do not require electricity)

Voxson V4s Mobile Trailer Solar LED Sign
Voxson V5s Mobile Trailer Solar LED Sign
Voxson V375s Solar Mobile Trailer LED Sign
Voxson V257s Mobile Trailer Solar LED Sign

Voxson V1 – 5 Colour LED Variable Message Sign (VMS) –

(Replaced with new models above)

Voxson has designed its Variable Message Signs in Australia with the rental industry in mind, to be used by companies that require both reliable and robust equipment. Both the trailer and the screen are built from heavy duty Australian aluminium to avoid rusting and are designed to last for many years.

(If your requirements differ from the product specifications below please call us on 07 3268 0700 as we are able to customize a product to suit your needs.)

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Outdoor LED Signs

Voxson V1 – 5 Colour LED Variable Message Sign (VMS)


Retractable Towbar

Foldable Draw Bar

Foldable Drawbar


Easy to Fold Towbar


Forklift Pockets

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Voxson is a prominent Australian Supplier of Variable Message Signs and Full Colour LED to mining companies, councils and Government organisations in Australia and abroad. 

Deliver your message, make roads safer, help reduce drivers’ speed and prevent accidents with Variable Message Signs from Voxson.

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