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Can be configured to show speed in km/h for roads or knots (maritime). Easy to use speed selector switch.

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Mobile Trailer or Pole Mounted Radar Speed LED Signs

Radar Speed Signs may be

  • Mobile trailer mounted or
  • Pole mounted

For extended use and faster streets it is recommended to use Pole mounted Radar Speed Signs or Mobile Trailer Radar Speed Signs with larger LED displays.

Voxson offers a range of LED display sizes for different applications, including 480 x 480, 640 x 640, 640 x 960 and 960 x 960 mm.


Voxson Mobile Trailer Radar Speed Sign
Trailer Mounted Radar Sign – Learn More
Voxson Pole Mounted Radar Speed Sign
Pole Mounted Radar Sign – Learn More
Mobile Radar Signs & Traffic LED Signs

Voxson Radar Speed Signs

Mobile Radar Signs & Traffic LED Signs

Voxson is a prominent Australian Supplier of Mobile Radar Signs, Variable Speed Limit Signs and Vehicle Activated Electronic Speed Signs to mining companies, councils, Australian Defence Force and Government organisations in Australia and abroad.

Make roads safer, help reduce drivers’ speed and prevent accidents, collect statistical data on the number of vehicles and speed and help drivers with Radar Speed Signs from Voxson. Choose among a wide range of models including Solar radar speed signs, 240 volt powered speed limit signs with Smiley face radar signs, Trailer mounted electronic speed signs and many others.

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Make Roads Safer

Voxson’s Radar Traffic LED Sign is the ideal solution to making the roads a safer place. On top of reducing traffic speeds on the road the radar traffic sign also gives you the opportunity to collect valuable speed and traffic density data which can help improve the safety of the road in future.

Outdoor LED Signs

Schools, kindergartens and child care centers
City centers
Rural speed zones and town areas
Dangerous road sections

Outdoor LED Signs

Voxson’s Radar Traffic LED Sign is an ideal solution for:
Reducing drivers’ speeds and preventing accidents on busy roads
Providing statistics on vehicle counts and speed information

Radar Speed LED Signs – Galery

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The Radar Traffic LED Sign has the proven ability to influence driver behaviour, reduce speeding and draw attention to local limits. 

Voxson’s range of Radar Traffic LED Signs include models offering standard speed indication devices, as well as models offering the more sophisticated data collection systems and dual display options. When used by experienced operators the Voxson traffic counter can also provide valuable, flexible data collection for traffic management applications. This is an industrial-grade product manufactured to last for many years.

The Voxson Radar Speed sign incorporates a high quality radar sensor which is Australian Compliant. 

Voxson’s Radar Traffic LED Signs have been specifically designed to offer a range of radar speed indication and road traffic monitoring features, which can be used by the police, local councils and private companies.

Voxson manufacturers and delivers:

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Voxson Radar Speed Signs – Specifications

Advance Model Overview

Easy to use Software Application

Easy access to key features using the simply to use software package
Easy to use connectivity via Wi-Fi (IP), Bluetooth LOW-POWER* & USB
Advance scheduling (day of week, time and date based)
Holiday scheduling options
Downloadable radar logs

Main Screen

Playlist Features

(image or images to be played as per scheduling or default rule set)

Drag and Drop playlist creation
Manage bitmap display time (from 0.1 to 9.9s)
Load multiple bitmaps in one playlist
Import bitmap images from application via import folder



(one rule by scheduling and one playlist by default)

Correct speed (image or images with (speed displayed in GREEN optional))
High speed (image or image with (speed displayed in RED optional))
High speed cut-off (image or images only, no speed displayed)


Advance Scheduling Options

Supported scheduling options

Data range
Day range (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Holiday scheduling (custom rules for holiday periods)
Time (using a combination of the above rules), e.g. whole day or 7am to 9am.


Analytics & Reporting Tool

Easy to view analysis of radar logs using the easy to use analytics tool.

Analysis Data that is included in the analytics tool.

Number of detected vehicles
Oncoming & Outgoing cars
Date of data files Last & First date
Number of detected vehicles above and below the set speed
Number of vehicles by day of week including average and max average
Average & Max Average speed of detected vehicles
Breakdown of speed ranges by number of vehicles
Detected vehicles counted by day

Radar Log Analytics Tool

Analytics Tool

Analytics Tool – Overall Statistics

Product Dimensions

The following LED displays are available:
480 x 480, 640 x 640, 640 x 960 and 960 x 960 mm.

Download Product Info & User Guide

Outdoor LED Signs

Voxson Radar Speed Signs Brochure

Have you considered Mobile Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Sign?

Ideal as temporary and permanent solution, Voxson mobile trailer mounted radar speed signs allow maximum flexibility and can be used in various environments.

Voxson offers a range of LED display sizes including 480 x 480, 640 x 640, 640 x 960 and 960 x 960 mm.

Trailer Mounted Radar Sign – Learn More
Voxson Mobile Trailer Radar Speed Sign

Make roads safer, help reduce drivers’ speed, prevent accidents with Radar Speed Signs from Voxson.

Contact Voxson Today to discuss your requirements, we can customise Radar Speed Signs to suit your needs.

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