V4S & V4SPlus Full Colour Solar Powered Mobile LED Sign

V4S Full Colour P10.66 Solar Powered Mobile LED Sign

Voxson has designed its latest V4S and V4Splus Solar powered Full colour LED Mobile Sign ,designed with the rental industry in mind, for those that require both Solar powered and reliable and robust equipment.

The Voxson V4S and V4Splus has been designed to operate with off the Grid power batteries and Solar and they generate their own operating power from the sun. These units will operate at a fraction of normal LED screens, and still give you the high brightness required to view the screen in direct sunshine. Reel to life colours that are spectacular and bright the whites are white and the blacks are black .The self-cooled modules are fan less and water proof and will operate in most outdoor environments without rusting. Voxson include the Australian designed and built aluminium trailer built from heavy duty industrial grade Australian aluminium to avoid rusting and is designed to last for many years.

  • The V4S has an LED screen size of 2240wide x 1280mm high with a pixel pitch of 10.67mm.
  • The V4Splus has an LED screen size of 2560wide x 1400mm high with a pixel pitch of 10.67mm.

The screens are protected by an aluminium border which protects the LEDs from being damaged. In the case of an individual module being damaged, this module can be replaced. The Voxson V4S and V4Splus is designed to allow you to upload advertising content remotely from your home or office as it has onboard 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Why not consider to leasing one of these units on a low interest plan at a V4S based on 5 years no deposit and no residual weekly repayments around $155.16 per week.


  • Screen Size: 2240mm Wide x 1280mm High
  • Screen Resolution: 210 x 120 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 1920hz
  • Module Type: 320mm x 320mm self cooling/waterproof
  • Pixel Pitch: P10.66
  • LED Type: DIP with gold wire bonded LED chips
  • Colour Range: 281 Trillion colours
  • Display Capabilities: Full Colour video and graphic display
  • Viewing Angle:110º horizontal, 60º vertical | Rotatable: 360º
  • Viewing Distance: 10m – 100m
  • Cabinet: custom built aluminium cabinet with 2 doors for maintenance
  • Brightness: 5000nits high brightness for outdoor use


  • Trailer Size: ( L x W x H)
    • Stowed: 2950mm x 1970mm x 2550mm
    • Extended: 3890mm x 1970mm x 3480mm
  • Battery powered with mains backup (240V 10amp)
  • Retractable draw bar
  • Hot DIP galvanised / Aluminium Trailer Frame
  • Forklift pockets
  • Wheel chains / security locks
  • Hydraulic mast height adjustment
  • LED tail lights
  • MAG Wheels


  • CMS System: ONELAN (optional) or NOVA
  • Communications: 4G Modem
  • Web based content management
  • Remotely programmable via internet
  • Wide range of supported file types
  • Video (AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4)
  • Image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF)

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